It is the tradition in Africa to make music at work; like the women in the village who, at the crack of dawn pound millet, while singing. And the beats of the mortar resound rhythmically in the whole village. It is the same case for the bricklayers who demolish walls in rhythm, as do the sweepers and the “bazin” cloth beaters as well as the ironmongers while they work the metal.  Today, these African values are in the process of disappearing with the emergence of modern work practices.

TAM regroups these different sounds and images from these trades to create a show using the sounds, songs and words of everyday life that are sung while people work.

A wall will be built by the bricklayers and demolished on stage; an ironmongers’ workshop will be also constructed. The mortars, the wood for the bazin beaters as well as other work tools will also be heard in the show. The piece brings together the voices and rhythms created by traditional trades and the modern movements of great break dancers and rappers.


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